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  1. Barnett Vengeance Crossbow

    General Crossbow Discussion
    Personifying a steely resolve and determination, the new Barnett Vengeance crossbow is aptly named. The Barnett Vengeance represents a quantum leap in crossbow evolution. It is the first crossbow to combine a lightweight CarbonLite Riser with reverse draw technology. As a result, the Vengeance...
  2. Barnett Wildcat C5 Crossbow

    General Crossbow Discussion
    Wildcat C5™ - The best selling bow of all time is the foundation of this awesome compound crossbow. - Lightweight GAM™ composite stock, thumbhole grip, and vented quad limbs. - High energy wheels combined with a synthetic string and cable system. - Ships with Barnett’s ADF trigger system. -...
  3. Barnett Ghost 400 Crossbow

    General Crossbow Discussion
    Ghost 400™ CarbonLite - The most technically advanced crossbow to hit the market. - It is a perfect blend of performance and comfort and leaves nothing for wanting when you look at the entire package. - Shooting Lightning speeds of 400+ fps it leads the industry with raw power. - Equipped with...
  4. Barnett Buck Commander Crossbow

    General Crossbow Discussion
    Buck Commander™ 78039 - The Buck Commander comes standard with the industries only proprietary Carbon Riser Technology (CRT) by Barnett. - As part of the CarbonLite series this bow is sure to exceed your every expectation. - Constructed with a fully extruded aluminum flight track. - Cross wire®...