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  1. Zombie Slayers Re fletch and spine location

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    Factory Zombie Slayer upgrades with AV2 babes and spine located
  2. Black Eagle Custom Builds..

    Vendor Deals
    BEE builds start at $132.00 a doz in 20 inch .003.. That includes Spine location, Firenock Aero Vane II, Firenock nocks ( unlit ) and Firenock brass reverse taper insert. To take a step up we offer the same build as above with the addition of Firenock Aero Concept system. for $85.00 1/2 doz...
  3. Some PhalanX, Custom BEE, Momentum X, BADASS X builds

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    Some builds we have done..
  4. Firenock Mint and Orange AV2 vanes look banging on BE EX Bolts

    Crossbow Arrows
    I'm digging the mint & orange Firenock AV2's..