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  1. Most accurate fixed broadheads for high speed x-bows

    Crossbow Broadheads
    Hi, I've been doing a lot of reading here but I'm new to posting. I just got a Centerpoint Sniper Elite 370 crossbow for this season. I know that's not crazy fast for a crossbow, but most of the fixed broadhead discussions I find online tend to be with vertical bows or lower speed crossbows. I...
  2. Cutting edge touch up or not?

    Crossbow Broadheads
    Does anyone touch up the cutting edge on their brand new broadheads straight out of the package? I do not and was wondering what the general thought process is. A quality blade should be at its peak right out of the package correct? I'm shooting NAP spitfire double cross.
  3. Sniper Lite Broadheads

    Mission Crossbows
    I know I might be beating a dead deer with this one but I've always used fixed blade heads in my other crossbows. I just picked up a Sniper Lite last night and it seems like mechanicals are the way to go and I'm interested in trying them. Research shows that Swhackers might be a good choice...
  4. Cold Steel Cheapshot 125 gr from South Shore

    Crossbow Broadheads
    I would like to thank Jerry for providing these for free so that some of us could review them. I know there's been a lot of back and forth on these broadheads, but I'm going to share my experience with them. My local range doesn't allow crossbows so I had to test these at 23 yards in my back...
  5. New Wac'em Archery Expandable Broadheads

    General Crossbow Discussion
    I wanted to bring to your attention a new line of broadheads coming in 2016 from Wac'em Archery. Wac'em has been around for years as producers of excellent fixed bladed broadheads. They are very sharp and fly just like a field point for us. I've actually killed my two biggest crossbow bucks with...
  6. Fix Bad Broadhead Flight From Your Crossbow

    General Crossbow Discussion
    After years of being the administrator of the Crossbow Nation website, I see a trend at the same time of year right before hunting season. This trend is a reoccurrence in threads being started by members complaining about their broadheads not flying or not grouping well when shot from their...
  7. Crossbow Targets

    General Crossbow Discussion
    Part of the fun about being a hunter and owning a crossbow is actually shooting your bow. Just because most crossbows have a scope mounted to them and the learning curve is generally a lot shorter than that of a vertical bow, doesn’t mean you don’t have to practice with one. And to be able to...
  8. What Broadhead Should I Shoot From My Crossbow?

    General Crossbow Discussion
    What kind of broadheads should I shoot from my crossbow? Are mechanical broadheads better to shoot from a crossbow than fixed bladed broadheads? These are very commonly asked questions from the beginner crossbow hunter. My advice is, shoot whatever one you favor the best. Of coarse you should...