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  1. New to crossbow how many arrows should I start off with?

    General Crossbow Discussion
    As soon as I start to see Killer Instinct 2020 models in the stores I will be purchasing the Speed 425. I need some help with what accessories i should buy with the bow, I know I semi ridged case is important to protect it in the woods. Any suggestions on a case that will not break the bank...
  2. Crossbow Cyber Monday Deals You Don't Want To Miss

    General Crossbow Discussion
    (Photo by Sergey Shubin/ Cyber Monday is here, which means you can find some fantastic deals on crossbows, bolts, broadheads and more. But with so many deals to be found, it can be a little hard to find what you are looking for. Fortunately, we have done the work for you...
  3. Fixed Broadhead Position

    Crossbow Broadheads
    I'm not sure if this has been posted already, but I'm wanting to know how the blades on my 3 blade fixed broadheads should line up with the fletchings. Should they be inline or does that really matter. I am getting 2-3" groupings with my target points, but when I attach my broadheads I get a...
  4. Five Best Turkey Broadheads for Your Crossbow

    General Crossbow Discussion
    Photo by Tory Kallman/ Turkey hunters are a pretty technical group. They tend to combine some of the elements of big game and waterfowl hunters into the pursuit of just the right bird. This means specialized gear and countless hours of practice, preparation and scouting...
  5. Lighter Metal Deploys Faster?

    Crossbow Broadheads
    I asked a question about Thorn Broadheads. What’s the difference between their HPX ($70) version and the Crossbow ($50) version they sell? Read this reply and let me know what you think. “The HPX has a titanium tip where the regular crossbow (black) is stainless tip. In our testing we found...
  6. New Rage Broadheads

    General Crossbow Discussion
    Anyone have any info on them? Seen an add in a magazine but like all adds it' mostly the hype not the facts. Might be a little earlly for any info on them but was hoping maybe so.ebody was at the ATA show might have a little more on-site on them. Add didn't say anything about vertical bows or...
  7. Five of the Best Crossbow Broadheads

    General Crossbow Discussion
    With so many broadheads on the market, trying to choose the right one can be daunting. To help you on your way, here are five of the best crossbow broadheads you can buy. When the popularity of crossbows grew rapidly, the market for specialized accessories grew as well. One thing became...