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  1. Are my cables the right way or should they be the other way ???

    CenterPoint Crossbows
    Sorry, its hard for me to explain , Take a look yourself from the pics... Iv seen most cables underneath the rail opposite side than mine, then again some that are the same way as mine... Left side cables are uncrossed, and Right side cables are it right = ? Is it correct...
  2. Just threw $100.00 in the trash

    Mission Crossbows
    I'm posting this to warn everyone that 60xStrings is not a good supplier for Sub1 strings and cables; I have bought strings from them in the past for my other archery equipment, and they have been pretty good. But recently I had them make me a string/cable set for my Sub1, and what I got was...
  3. Jackal Cable Slide

    Barnett Crossbows
    I just got my first crossbow as a gift. When assembling my Jackal, I noticed that instead of having a cable slide with 2 grooves, mine came with 2 cable slides with one big groove. Is one a spare, or should both cable slides be installed to keep the 2 cables from rubbing?
  4. First Hunting Season, First Cable Shredded

    New Member Introductions
    Yesterday, I went out for the forth time this season. Unfortunately, I came back empty-handed. After firing a Barnett decocking bolt, the cable was shredded. Any suggestions on a better brand of cable to replace it? Thanks!
  5. Crossbow Strings; Factory or Custom?

    General Crossbow Discussion
    At some point during the life of your crossbow you will need to replace the string. It could be just as preventative measure every few years to prevent damage to your bow, or it could be because your string has broke and you need to replace it with a new one. At that point you will be faced at...