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  1. Carbon Express Blade Pro and Piledriver 390 + Video

    General Crossbow Discussion
    We had the opportunity to talk to Carbon Express about two of its affordable new crossbows - the Carbon Express Blade Pro and Piledriver 390. The Carbon Express Blade Pro features an extruded aluminum rail, adjustable butt stock and adjustable foregrip. It also comes standard with the Quiet...
  2. Carbon Express Maxima Badlands and Juggernaut Crossbow Bolts + Video

    General Crossbow Discussion
    At the 2018 ATA Show we had a chance to talk to Carbon Express about its new Maxima Badlands and Juggernaut crossbow bolts. The Maxima Badlands bolts are 20 inches long and tip the scales at 390 grains. According to Carbon Express, these bolts feature Dual Spine Weight Forward technology for...
  3. Carbon Express X-Force Advantex Crossbow

    General Crossbow Discussion
    Carbon Express crossbows have a new entry into their line of X-Force crossbows for 2016. The new Advantex crossbow is a perfect crossbow for those new to crossbow hunting. This new crossbow won't break the bank with a MSRP of only $399.99. So what can you expect from the Carbon Express Advantex...
  4. Carbon Express Crossbow Accessories

    General Crossbow Discussion
      Carbon Express has some new crossbow accessories for 2015 that might be of interest for some of you crossbow hunters. They have a new crank style cocking aid called the Pivot Cocking Winch. They have a cool new tip that goes onto the end of an arrow and is used to help keep your arrow from...
  5. Carbon Express Intercept Supercoil LT Crossbow

    General Crossbow Discussion
    Here's another new crossbow from Carbon Express for 2015. The Intercept Supercoil is now lighter than before and gained a speed boost too. Now shooting 360 feet per second the Supercoil has plenty of speed and knock down power. View the official press release below. Flushing, MI - Carbon...
  6. Carbon Express Intercept Axon LT Crossbow

    General Crossbow Discussion
    Here is a press release from Carbon Express regarding the Intercept Axon LT crossbow which is new for 2015. This crossbow is modeled off of the original Intercept crossbow but is now even lighter thanks to a thinner extruded barrel. You can find the rest of the detail regarding the Carbon...
  7. Carbon Express Covert CX 3SL Crossbow

    General Crossbow Discussion
    Carbon Express has a new line of crossbows out for 2015. Here is the official press release regarding the Covert 3SL crossbow. Looks like they made it a little lighter than last year. This crossbow also has other great features like being narrow, having good speed, and most importantly priced...
  8. Carbon Express Intercept Crossbow Review

    General Crossbow Discussion
    New for 2013 from Carbon Express Crossbows is the Intercept Crossbow. The folks from Carbon Express started from the ground up when they set out to design this new bow. They had two primary goals in mind. The first was to design a crossbow that would fit every crossbow hunter. In order to...