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  1. Crossbow Target Shooting Room
    Hey everyone, Ive been looking for an inexpensive target for my CP Specialist 370. Wal Mart sells a BC300 that seems to have good reviews but I'm unsure if it will allow my bolts to penetrate enough to damage the veins. This is the problem Ive had with my previous target and I want to avoid that...
  2. Crossbow Chronicles
    Last Tuesday (11/06) my dad, son, and I headed out to a new piece of property that we acquired during the summer. The property is in bad need of some doe management (at the end of this hunt we had seen 12 does in 2.5 hours). We watched 2 does that were both just our of range for 70 mins out in...
  3. CenterPoint Crossbows
    I have the original CP 4x32, illuminated scope that came with my Sniper 370. If anyone would like it then I can send to you $30 shipped. DM me for details or with any questions you may have. Thanks.
  4. CenterPoint Crossbows
    I made the decision to switch all the furniture on my Sniper from black to coyote tan and I'm diggin' it....
  5. CenterPoint Crossbows
    No luck today on a big bruiser, but I was able to get on the board and score my first deer down with my new crossbow. I had an 8 pt. buck at 35 yrds at 0745 hrs, and just as I was lining up a shot, a coyote spooked him. I went to plan B, which was shooting the yote, but he never presented a...
1-5 of 5 Results