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  1. DIY Crossbow Tuning and and Repair
    Hi all! In search of a left and right Cam Wheels for my CenterPoint Sniper 370 and can't find replacements anywhere. Anyone here have any they would depart with? I have an email to Crosman (Maker of CP) and still waiting on that as well. Thanks!
  2. CenterPoint Crossbows
    Hey all, As of today I am a proud owner of a Sniper Elite 370 that my wife surprised me with today. I have some knowledge from bow hunting, but any tips or suggestions for this rig. Like arrows, broadheads, optics, etc.? I am excited to use this crossbow and hopefully will have a deer to show...
  3. General Crossbow Discussion
    Im considering buying a sniper 370 this Friday. I've had other crossbows with little to no luck with them.horton HD 150,barnett wild cat, Excalibur matrix 380.the Excalibur shot good the rest didn't.ive been partial to compounds but want to get a crossbow to use for cold late season days and...
1-3 of 3 Results