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  1. Designing a mechanism that is able to diffuse and cock a crossbow, need feedback!

    General Crossbow Discussion
    My colleagues and I are attempting to design and build a mechanism that is able to diffuse and cock a crossbow for our engineering capstone class. Our goal is to design an easier way to cock and diffuse a crossbow while using the same device, to safely and easily diffuse the crossbow. We are in...
  2. Carbon Express Quiet Crank Cocking Aid

    General Crossbow Discussion
    New from Carbon Express Crossbows is the Quiet Cranks hand cocking aid. This is a winch style cocking aid that will fit into any Carbon Express crossbow. This new cocking aid is totally silent and is said to pull more consistently than than conventional methods due to an "anti-torque" mounting...
  3. Mission Crossbows and Accessories for 2014

    General Crossbow Discussion
    Mission Archery has released two new crossbows for the 2014 season along with a new crank style cocking aid for a crossbow that is silent. They have also partnered up with Burt Coyote and now offer their crossbow arrows with Lumenoks. Please check out the official press release here. MISSION...
  4. Adjusting Your Crossbow Rope Cocking Aid

    General Crossbow Discussion
    Cocking your crossbow is one of the first steps you’ll need to do before actually shooting your crossbow. And cocking it evenly and consistently will be key in achieving repeatable accuracy. While there are three main ways to effectively cock your crossbow, using a rope cocking aid has become...
  5. TenPoint ACURope Cocking Aid

    General Crossbow Discussion
    TenPoint Introduces Portable, Retractable Crossbow Rope-Cocker Mogadore, OH. At the 2011 ATA Trade Show, TenPoint Crossbow Technologies®, recognized throughout the crossbow industry for its patented ACUdraw™ and ACUdraw 50™ integrated crossbow cocking mechanisms, will introduce its NEW ACUrope™...
  6. How To Uncock a Crossbow

    General Crossbow Discussion
    How do I uncock my crossbow? Well I guess if we all had a choice it would be to shoot it at a great big buck. But for most of us, we are left to make this decision at the end of each hunt. We’ll take a look at a few ways to safely uncock the crossbow. You should however, look into when you...