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  1. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Like new condition 50-60 lb Mathews Triax bow with black riser and camo limbs. Accessorized with QAD rest, Trophy Ridge React Pro 5 pin sight, Bee Stinger stabilizer, Mathews 4 arrow Arrow Web quiver, and Sure peep #8 verifier peep sight. Also includes 12 New Black Eagle Zombie Slayer arrows...
  2. General Crossbow Discussion
    Recurve crossbow technology has been around since the dawn of time. Well, pretty much anyways. It has been documented to be known to exist from somewhere around 6,000 BC. So it’s a pretty safe assumption that it is the oldest technology when it comes to the limb configuration of a crossbow. The...
  3. General Crossbow Discussion
    Talk to any bowhunter that has never hunted with a crossbow, or even held one for that matter and you are bound to hear how easy they are to hunt with. The truth is, to become proficient enough to hunt with a crossbow is easier compared to a vertical bow. I want to emphasize that I am talking...
1-3 of 3 Results