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  1. General Crossbow Discussion
    My colleagues and I are attempting to design and build a mechanism that is able to diffuse and cock a crossbow for our engineering capstone class. Our goal is to design an easier way to cock and diffuse a crossbow while using the same device, to safely and easily diffuse the crossbow. We are in...
  2. PSE Crossbows
    So I recently bought a PSE speed loader and successfully mounted and used it to cock a Barnett Jackal. It does not fit the butt perfectly, but it does work to load the crossbow. Now however, the loader is still mounted with hooks on the strings but the spool release *cannot* be pressed down to...
  3. All Other Brands
    are there any cranking devices out there for the Killer Instinct KI350 that is not the KI brand? I've seen bad reviews for the KI one