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  1. Your Longest Bullseye Shot with a Crossbow

    General Crossbow Discussion
    I had long range challenge with my Ripper 415 and Hawke XB30 compact scope. Since I had confirmed all the other reticle values to 100 yards. I wanted to know what the range was for the bottom post in my reticle layout represented distance wise. To find out I used my nice shooting bench, lead...
  2. Some Builds for this week..

    Crossbow Arrows
    Nimitz X Momentum X Ultra X BADASS-X
  3. Are my cables the right way or should they be the other way ???

    CenterPoint Crossbows
    Sorry, its hard for me to explain , Take a look yourself from the pics... Iv seen most cables underneath the rail opposite side than mine, then again some that are the same way as mine... Left side cables are uncrossed, and Right side cables are it right = ? Is it correct...
  4. Does the "400 fps arrow speed" manufacturing award (still) exist?

    Vertical Bows
    Hi there, There's a rumor in Europe about an award with a $10 million (or something like that) prize money for a manufacturer which can produce a crossbow that could reach a 400 fps arrow speed with these parameters: - no more than 70lbs Draw Weight - under 30-inch Draw Length...
  5. Bruin 370 Warranty

    All Other Brands
    I purchased one from S.O. and the instruction booklet says one year warranty. I did not send in registration within the 10 days from purchase (Oct 20, 2019)feeling it was such a flimsy warranty. Reading past forum posts, Jamie Thomas said they increased the warranty to limited lifetime (100%...
  6. Crossbow accuracy range advertisements...

    General Crossbow Discussion
    As an occasional shooter, I often came across crossbow descriptions stating something like : "- Accurate up to 90 meters" This is a real-world example (copy&paste) from the website for the XB53. I always wondered WTH that is supposed to mean. With a proper arrow, even cheap...
  7. Growing the Crossbow shooting 3D community

    Crossbow Target Shooting Room
    That is my question. What can we do to grow this community? Last year ASA National events had 20 to 25 shooters; currently this year it is 30 to 35. Good growth statistically, but shouldn't there be more? Last year in Louisiana, where I shoot, I was the only crossbow shooter, now I'm one of...
  8. 2019 Ravin Crossbows R26 & R29 Package

    General Crossbow Discussion
    Have you guys been able to check out the 2019 lineup from Ravin yet? We were able to check them out at the ATA show in Louisville a few weeks back. Ended up ordering 10 of each to carry in our shop. We are excited to get them on the range and see what all the hype is about. Just holding them it...
  9. Best Mods for Centerpoint Sniper 370?

    CenterPoint Crossbows
    Hey guys, Just picked up a Centerpoint Sniper 370 last week (Walmart for $200USD). For those of you who have one and have modified it, what have your favourite mods been? I'm looking to get a new stock on it, maybe a Magpul. Has anyone changed the foregrip? Or any other parts! Let me know what...
  10. Stryker Solution LS 390 Crossbow, Hawke XB1 Scope "Ready To Hunt" Package many extras

    Market Place
    For sale is a Stryker Solution LS (390fps) Crossbow Package, complete and ready to hunt. This gently pre-owned (2014) crossbow has only very minor signs of use, and is in perfect working condition. String was replaced with Stryker OEM string in 2016. $525 plus $38 Shipping (Lower 48) The...
  11. TenPoint Shadow NXT Review by Next Level Outdoor Reviews

    General Crossbow Discussion
  12. HUNT FOR HOPE Accepting Applications for Fall 2018!

    TenPoint Crossbows
    TenPoint is happy to support an organization like the HUNT FOR HOPE that offers archery hunting to those who otherwise might not have the opportunity to hunt. Again this year, five special needs and/or physically challenged hunters between the ages of 10-17 will have THE CHANCE TO HARVEST AN...
  13. HUNT FOR HOPE Accepting Applications for Fall 2018!

    General Crossbow Discussion
    TenPoint is happy to support an organization like the HUNT FOR HOPE that offers archery hunting to those who otherwise might not have the opportunity to hunt. Again this year, five special needs and/or physically challenged hunters between the ages of 10-17 will have THE CHANCE TO HARVEST AN...
  14. My first time reserving without tools

    DIY Crossbow Tuning and and Repair
    Just finished the center serving on my Excalibur GRZ2 using only a spool of .030 Halo, a knife to cut the ends and gorilla glue to stick the ends. I did not use a serving jig or serving tool. I just left the string strung on the crossbow's limbs as I reserved. How does it look? I'm curious to...
  15. What is the purpose of the arrow hold lever on my flight rail?

    Excalibur Crossbows
    My xbow is an Excalibur. Is the lever's purpose to hold an arrow in place in case of tilting? If I was to need to tilt my crossbow at say a 45 degree angle to take a shot, how would this affect my desired point of impact?
  16. Why does my center serving wear so quickly?

    CenterPoint Crossbows
    The first Sniper 370 I had, before shooting I waxed the strings and lubed the flight rail. I lube the flight rail every 12 shots. My center serving started to fray after about 80 shots. I sent it back to Crosman and they said it must have been a manufacturing defect, so they sent me a brand...
  17. First Product Review of the Steambow PowerUnit - make your Excalibur self-cocking and foldable!

    Gear Reviews
    Hello to All! We manufacture a tuning part for Excalibur crossbows that makes them self-cocking and foldable. Our system is powered by paintball high pressure air tanks and it allows you to cock your crossbow without any effort and almost completely silent. Our first product review is online...
  18. Hiring a crossbow in NYC

    General Crossbow Discussion
    Hi sorry for bothering, I'm Jess and we're a photo production team going to do a shooting project in NYC on 29th or 30th March. We'll need a crossbow as a shooting prop for the theme and I'm wondering if there's anyone here having a spare crossbow and willing to rent it to us? We won't be firing...
  19. Breaking down a crossbow for travel.

    General Crossbow Discussion
    I drive an hour or two every weekend to my hunting spots, and use a Sniper 370 as my main bow. Because crossbow hard cases seem to be made of mithril or lined in gold, according to the cost, I have not bought a hard case, which leaves me to having it in a cheap soft case in the cab of my...