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  1. Ordering Darton Toxin 125ss at Archery School of the Rockies, Colorado Springs

    Darton Crossbows
    Saturday 2 February, to celibrate the Presentation of the Lord, will be taking a trip to order the Darton Toxin 125ss, and a Darton shooting jersy,at Archery School of the Rockies in Colorado Springs. Looking forward to visiting the retailorand getting involved with them in supporting Darton...
  2. New Field Staff Shooter for Darton in Colorado

    Darton Crossbows
    God bless everyone. I am a new Field Staff Shooter for Darton Archery here in the great state of Colorado. Will be getting a Darton Toxin 150 for a long distance target shoting crossbow, and a Colorado legal hunting crossbow. Will be getting a HHA Optimizer Speed Dial and already have Vortex...
  3. Great people at Darton

    Darton Crossbows
    The people at Darton are great. Talked with Laura twice. First time about a week before the ATA to find out more about Darton and what makes a Darton Toxin such a great crossbow. Was helpful with getting general information, and was very friendly. She made arangementsfor me to talk with...