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  1. Crossbow Hunting Room
    Last evening I did a 1st hunt of the season to check my gear and get some observation time. I choose a 15' ladder stand we installed last December on a finger ridge facing east. The stand is backed to the woods on east side facing a pasture that has a group of white oak on a ridge finger. After...
  2. General Crossbow Discussion
    I have used doe in rut lure for years. I only use it during the pre rut and rut where I hunt. When the bucks are cruising for does I have had good success. I have used Tinks 69 and Wildlife Research Golden Estrus. Both worked about the same. Some articles have come out and said the real stuff is...
  3. Crossbow Hunting Room
    Several nice bucks in my area but they have my number. So yesterday with the cold temperatures I couldn't past on this nice doe. The Ripper was true to the mark. The doe turned from broad side to extreme quartering away as I shouldered my bow. She was leaving so I took the shot.The blood on the...
1-3 of 3 Results