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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hello Fellow Crossbower's? is that a term? Hows everyone doing? My name is Adam I Go by FordFanatic86 online. I recently Bought a CenterPoint Sniper Elite 370 Whisper. Looking forward to seeing your mods and post about the sniper.Here are some pics even thow i know you know what they look like...
  2. General Crossbow Discussion
    Crossbows have been around forever. Well almost forever. It has been documented that the earliest known crossbow was from around 6000 B.C. One thing that has stayed consistent with most every crossbow built from that point up until now is that the bolt or arrow was held in place, and launched...
  3. General Crossbow Discussion
    TenPoint’s Carbon Revolution Continues with Carbon Elite XLT Mogadore, OH. Headlining the new additions to their crossbow lineup at the 2012 ATA Trade Show, TenPoint Crossbow Technologies® married the woven carbon fiber barrel technology from last year’s revolutionary Carbon Fusion CLSTM to...
1-3 of 3 Results