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excalibur assassin

  1. Excalibur Assassin Review + Video

    General Crossbow Discussion
    The beauty of Excalibur crossbows lies in their simplicity and durability. With no cams and only a single string, there are fewer things that can go wrong – and those things are usually easy to fix when they do. But for some, the down side is the weight of the limbs. With some models featuring...
  2. Excalibur Assassin Unboxing + Video

    General Crossbow Discussion
    Earlier this week I picked up the new flagship model from Excalibur Crossbow - the Assassin. At first glance the Assassin looks familiar, as it has the same front end as the Micro platform crossbows. However, everything behind the front end is all new - including a silent cranking system and a...
  3. Excalibur Assassin Unveiled + Video

    General Crossbow Discussion is attending the 2018 ATA Show and we had a chance to talk to Excalibur Crossbows about its new flagship model - the Excalibur Assassin. If the Excalibur Assassin looks familiar at all, it's because it shares the front end with the Micro Suppressor. But the rest of the bow is...