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  1. Vendor Deals
    Right off the press. TANK-X builds , 22 Inch in a little Red, White & Blue. =AZW3fiVs4KXQLtHue8WeAjgzNJl1C8o9IX34tTnZl0M2BS_LPfFMtZAcEa5Na38gJKsnjb_A1h9Q9Vo1x_0UlCmbMfEMfhgAeLdSPmTKVRQenDWCOE9rU_ghkHPuluE8ZFRFCWfazT_ffUHT1WW9sJzU&tn=*bH-R']...
  2. Vendor Deals
    Right off the press. TANK-X builds , 22 Inch in a little Red, White & Blue. The TANK -X is a mid weight arrow build. In 20 inch the TANK based on a 100gn point will come in at approx. 460gn. @22inch approx 480gn, This week’s special is 1 doz TANK-X builds with red white & blue vane color...
  3. Vendor Deals
    Built these for a Ravin Shooter. U nocks not shown in pic. Vital Limits TANK-X builds. 20 inch, AV2 vanes. 125gn MONSTER insert with reverse taper. MONSTER X Bolts — Vital Limits
  4. Vendor Deals
    MX 20inch arrows, Aero Vane II, Concept System, Firenock U nock ( unlit ) not shown in pic. MONSTER X Bolts — Vital Limits
  5. Vendor Deals
    1 doz TANK X builds are available. 20 inch AV2 vanes 125 M inserts Firenock nock ( unlit ) must specify bow model to get nock type weight spec based on 100gn point is 460gn .( points not included ) $159.95 plus shipping Contact [email protected]
  6. Ravin Crossbows
    Vitalized Ravin R20 . Just gotta put vanes on 2 doz BPX builds and she is heading back home
  7. Ravin Crossbows
    R29x . Hulk 1.0 builds , all lit, aero rest , LS with 2cable system and GAS threads .
  8. Ravin Crossbows
    2 cable syatem with GAS threads, Aero Rest, LS Ti, TAMK-X builds with Firenocks.
  9. General Crossbow Discussion
    1. Many of the arrows can have 2 dynamic bends and some even more than that,, this is difficult for Ram style tester to locate since imo the Ram is better suited for Alum arrows with 1 spine only.. Now imagine of the arrow had 3 or even 5.. 2. The Arrow " in flight " is a moot point.. It is...
  10. General Crossbow Discussion
    All vanes being just as accurate as one or the other in a general sense with what is commonly out out there on the market today is reasonable to think since many of those vanes have some sort of offset / helical which that is how they design to create drag and are able to cause the arrow to...
  11. General Crossbow Discussion
    I was the test guy a few times for Firenock. This was cool at the time that I got to try the first made Firenock Aero Weave Shafts. By all means this was not the finished product. This was in early stages of development in testing. The first shafts were in Vertical bow, Standard .246ID. These...
  12. Vendor Deals
    2.0 concept system build , AV3 vanes , clear U nocks
  13. Market Place
    Factory Zombie Slayer upgrades with AV2 babes and spine located
  14. Vendor Deals
    MONSTER X builds . 20 inch , AV2 mint and white , all to be lit with C nocks
  15. Ravin Crossbows
    Ravin R15 / PhalanX 2.0 builds with Swing Blades
  16. General Crossbow Discussion
    Awesome Velvet Buck!
  17. General Crossbow Discussion
    This is a a few video clips I did between 4,200-6,000 frames per second on the Aero Micro Rest. 1. The idea that the rest did not dampen, is false. At 6,000 frames per second you can see it doing exactly that. 2. The " whiplash " theory. This was something I was concerned about, but the fact...
  18. Ravin Crossbows
    Ti kits, GAS Threads, Aero rest, all decked out and Nimtiz 1.0 Stick to go with it..
  19. Vendor Deals
    Built these this week, Nimitz X 1.0 Concept with updated Reverse taper SS M ( MONSTER ) Insert .. Spine located, Squared up, Concept system, Aero Vane II and Firenock U nocks on a 20 layer micro fiber weave otherwise as good as is gets in shafts for cross bow..
  20. General Crossbow Discussion
    Bow build in process coming to an end to try out with some new stuff.
1-20 of 80 Results