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  1. DIY Crossbow Tuning and and Repair
    Hi guys, Got new GAS strings.ATA is just a hair under 9.5 uncocked and slightly over 5.75 cocked. Cam lean is absolutely perfect both side to side and front to back. Both cams have the cables over the timing dot near the front of the bow. I tried loosening the string a twist. What’s my...
  2. Vendor Deals
    GAS String and Cable sets for Ten Point Vapor RS470 All orange set on right 130 per set TYD anywhere in the lower US48 . Eletric red and silver on left with clear serve. 130 per set TYD anywhere in the lower US48 . CONTACT INFO 856-982-5607 - [email protected]
  3. Vendor Deals
    2 cable system, brackets (not shown, but included in price) ,GAS threads , R10 spec , standard Ravin nock spec . $279.95 TYD anywhere in the lower US48. Installation option available for additional cost ...
  4. Vendor Deals
    4 cable and 2 cable systems in stock.. See pricing and contact info on Youtube description
  5. Ravin Crossbows
    R29x . Hulk 1.0 builds , all lit, aero rest , LS with 2cable system and GAS threads .
  6. Ravin Crossbows
    2 cable syatem with GAS threads, Aero Rest, LS Ti, TAMK-X builds with Firenocks.
  7. Ravin Crossbows
    Ti kit, Ti axles, LS broad bands, Huskemaw 4X40 with MT rings sighted to 120yrds , Turret, Cable pulley system, GAS threads, 1 doz PhalanX builds, lit nocks, T-shirt and a hat that fits ;) Next
  8. General Crossbow Discussion
    Ravin R29 got some new threads , Aero Rest and LS Ti broad bands . Just gotta do the BIG PIG X builds and she goes back home
  9. General Crossbow Discussion
    Waiting for weather to clear to get this dialed in . Brand new Scorpyd DS with Aero Crank AD GAS threads electric red and gunmetal with clear serve picatinny rail , pistol grip with titanium hardware , trigger guard . Huskemaw 4X40 scope . The scope in the tree is at about 10-15 yrds ...
  10. Ravin Crossbows
    When I first started to really dive into upgrading crossbows I found it odd that it seemed in crossbow world that many shooters didn't break out of the box like vertical bow shooters when it comes to string replacement. In vertical bow world often one of the first thing to go I would get was to...
  11. Vendor Deals
    This may change as string and cables get purchased.. 1 full string / 4 cable all orange R10/29 U nock spec 1 R26 factory nock set all orange 1 R26 factory nock set all black 1 R10 2 cable system U nock spec orange string / black cables 1 R10 All black cables , orange string with black serve...
  12. General Crossbow Discussion
    I got some threads in this week that covers about all the Ravin models.. Till I'll double check them these will likley be in U nock spec center serve. Those who want 2 cable system and prefer Ravin nocks I can spec out the threads for that also..
  13. General Crossbow Discussion
    MX-20 is a spine located, Aero Concept System build, AV2 vanes, ( Choice off Firenock end nock ( non lit) per bow spec ) , 20 inch ctc. GAS String and CBS for Ravin R10 and R26 models, U nock spec.
  14. Vendor Deals
    $120 TYD Anywhere in the lower US48 States.
  15. Ravin Crossbows
    Titanium kit, titanium axles , titanium LS broadbands, Aero Rest , GAS threads with CBS
  16. Scorpyd Crossbows
    Scorpyd Aculues 110 with GAS Flo orange & black threads with clear serve
  17. Ravin Crossbows
    Ravin R15 / PhalanX 2.0 builds with Swing Blades
  18. Ravin Crossbows
    Ravin R15 with cable pulley system , GAS orange and electric blue threads , titanium kit, titanium axles, titanium broadbands and Aero rest. finish up tomorrow with BADDASS X builds
  19. Ravin Crossbows
    Ravin R29 X with titanium kit, titanium Axels, cable pulley system with GAS threads in black cables with root beer and flo green string , SIG optics, Vortex one piece quick detach rail mounts and Aero Micro Tune rest. just gotta finish up 2 doz BADASS X builds all lit and throw some broad bands...
1-20 of 41 Results