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  1. Fix Bad Broadhead Flight From Your Crossbow

    General Crossbow Discussion
    After years of being the administrator of the Crossbow Nation website, I see a trend at the same time of year right before hunting season. This trend is a reoccurrence in threads being started by members complaining about their broadheads not flying or not grouping well when shot from their...
  2. Developing a Crossbow Shot Sequence

    General Crossbow Discussion
    The key to improving at most anything you do in life is practicing. It’s often said that practice makes perfect. That statement is not entirely true. It’s perfect practice that makes perfect. In order to practice perfectly, you need to be able to repeat the steps you take from the time you cock...
  3. How Lighted Crossbow Nocks Can Effect Point if Impact

    General Crossbow Discussion
    Lighted crossbow nocks can be a really cool accessory to add to your arrows. They allow hunters to follow their arrows in flight better, and also aid in helping to find arrows that have passed through animals buried into the floor of the woods. Even if you only intend on shooting your bow at...
  4. Shoot Tighter Groups with your Crossbow.........Here's How

    General Crossbow Discussion
    As crossbow hunters, we all want the most from our hunting equipment. One area we all should strive to get better at is our accuracy. There are many factors that come into play when achieving great accuracy with our crossbows. Some we can’t control. Like how well our crossbows are engineered to...
  5. How To Sight In a Crossbow

    General Crossbow Discussion
    How do I sight in my crossbow? What are the lines for on the inside of my scope? At what yardage should I start? These are all commonly asked questions when it comes to sighting in your crossbow for the first time. Sighting in your crossbow can seem confusing, but in reality, it really is n’t...