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  1. Funny Photos

    General Crossbow Discussion
    Add a little laughter to our daily forums. What funny photo do you have to share?
  2. Time to plant food plots?

    Food Plots and Deer Management
    Isn't it about time to plant those deer greens for the winter? I have a four wheeler for the plowing job! Wonder how many acres? :unsure:
  3. Zeroing crossbow Field point vs. Mechanical broadhead

    Crossbow Arrows
    I am a new shooter. I zeroed my crossbow with a recommended brand of bolts and field points; shot wonderful at 20 to 40 yards and was pleased. The mechanical broadhead and same brand bolt was "supposed" to weigh the same but I weighed them and the difference is 30 grains (complete arrow and...
  4. Another doe bites the dust on Tactacam

    Crossbow Hunting Room
    Shot another big doe last night with the Barnett. Got it all on video with the Tactacam. She ran the same path my first one did except this one jumped the fence, luckily she died right on the other side of it. Hope you enjoy the video!
  5. How much of a jostle before you re-sight yours?

    General Crossbow Discussion
    How much of a knock will you let your bow / scope take before you assume it needs to be checked? Like if I hit a pothole in the car on the way to the woods? Or if I bump a tree with my stock? If I dropped it hauling it up into my stand, from more than about 6", I would for sure, but...
  6. Last 2 weeks of the Year Trail Cam

    Trail Cameras, Photography, and Video
    Four different bucks, one shooter. A bunch of does. Northern WI.
  7. Illinois Legalizes Crossbows During Archery Season

    General Crossbow Discussion
    (Photo by Dave Willman/ Just in time for the October 1st opener for archery hunting in Illinois, Gov. Bruce Rauner has signed a bill into law that legalizes the use of crossbows during archery season. The bill penned by Rep. Jerry Costello II (D) was introduced early last...
  8. Crossbow Hunting.........Why We Miss

    General Crossbow Discussion
    When it comes down to it, crossbows are pretty easy to shoot. Take anybody off the street who has never shot a crossbow before and before too long, they will be hitting the target with some degree of accuracy. Now I know to master any skill, there is enormous amount of time that must go into it...
  9. The Crossbow.....A Perfect Fit for the Entire Family

    General Crossbow Discussion
    Crossbows are becoming more and more popular every year. If you don’t already hunt with a crossbow, chances are you know somebody that does. The crossbow is a great tool to learn to hunt with. They have a relatively fast learning curve, no intimidating recoil or loud blast, and once purchased...
  10. Crossbows in the Stand.........What to do with Them?

    General Crossbow Discussion
    On each and every hunt, we as hunters are faced with the task of carrying our crossbows to and from the treestand. We have options on how we carry our bows back and forth to the truck or cabin. We can just carry it by hand, or use a rifle type sling, or maybe even a backpack. But once you’re in...
  11. Crossbow Hunting for Turkey

    General Crossbow Discussion
    As spring approaches, many hunters will start to get the itch to enter the woods to hunt for turkeys. For many hunters, turkey season can be even more exciting then deer season. In a way, turkey hunting has some advantages over deer hunting too. Hunters are usually more mobile during turkey...
  12. Crossbow Hunting

    General Crossbow Discussion
    Hunters are choosing crossbows for hunting more than ever before. Partly due to crossbows now being a legal means of hunting in many states, and partly because using a crossbow for hunting is now becoming more socially acceptable. If you’re already a bowhunter, not much will change in your...
  13. What Broadhead Should I Shoot From My Crossbow?

    General Crossbow Discussion
    What kind of broadheads should I shoot from my crossbow? Are mechanical broadheads better to shoot from a crossbow than fixed bladed broadheads? These are very commonly asked questions from the beginner crossbow hunter. My advice is, shoot whatever one you favor the best. Of coarse you should...
  14. Taking Great Photos of Your Successful Hunts

    General Crossbow Discussion
    Taking great photos of your successful hunts should be something every hunter should do. Not only is it a great way to share your hunts with friends and family, but it also gives you a way to document memorable events in your hunting career. Knowing how to take good photographs of your game is...