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  1. Just threw $100.00 in the trash

    Mission Crossbows
    I'm posting this to warn everyone that 60xStrings is not a good supplier for Sub1 strings and cables; I have bought strings from them in the past for my other archery equipment, and they have been pretty good. But recently I had them make me a string/cable set for my Sub1, and what I got was...
  2. Mission Crossbows Sub-1 - First Look

    General Crossbow Discussion
    A couple weeks back we had a chance to visit the Mathews, Inc. facility in Sparta, Wis. and get our hands on the new Mission Crossbows Sub-1. While you'll have to wait a few weeks for the full review, we did have a chance to play with the new Sub-1 and early impressions are quite good. Here's...
  3. Mission MXB Sniper Lite Crossbow

    General Crossbow Discussion
    Here is the official press release from Mission Archery about the new Sniper Lite Crossbow which is the latest offering in the MXB Crossbow lineup. MISSION ARCHERY LAUNCHES INNOVATIVE MXB-SNIPER LITE CROSSBOW FOR $599 Sparta, Wisconsin (December 8, 2014) – The new MXB-Sniper LiteTM is an...
  4. Mission Crossbows and Accessories for 2014

    General Crossbow Discussion
    Mission Archery has released two new crossbows for the 2014 season along with a new crank style cocking aid for a crossbow that is silent. They have also partnered up with Burt Coyote and now offer their crossbow arrows with Lumenoks. Please check out the official press release here. MISSION...
  5. Mission Archery Enters the Crossbow Market

    General Crossbow Discussion
    The innovative MXB-360 is another game-changer from archery icon, Matt McPherson Sparta, Wisconsin – September 10, 2012 – Mission Archery is excited to introduce its first high performance crossbow, the MXB-360. Matt McPherson, Owner and CEO of Mission Archery, Inc. and Mathews, Inc. designed...