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monster x bolts

  1. MONSTER X Builds

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    MONSTER X builds . 20 inch , AV2 mint and white , all to be lit with C nocks
  2. Nimitz AIM 1.0 and MONSTER X builds

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    Pink & White AV2 Vanes AIM 1.0 Black & Pink AV2 Vanes MONSTER X

    Crossbow Arrows
    MONSTER X builds 20 inch with M nocks .
  4. BIG PIG X builds

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    22 inch AV2 vanes , 100gn SS double shoulder with Aero Concept System , Firenock Q Clear nocks . 1st Bend located, nock end squared, front squared and chamfered.
  5. 18 inch MONSTER X builds

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    Coming in at 326gn with no nock
  6. New Build, The CBN-X

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    We have some new shaft options. Also a more affordable and more durable option compared to some of our other builds in the MONSTER X build line . Building with a stout 12gpi semi weaved shaft , spine located , Aero Vane II , Firenock nock ( unlit ) and a squared up an chamfered to receive a...
  7. Black Eagle Custom Builds..

    Vendor Deals
    BEE builds start at $132.00 a doz in 20 inch .003.. That includes Spine location, Firenock Aero Vane II, Firenock nocks ( unlit ) and Firenock brass reverse taper insert. To take a step up we offer the same build as above with the addition of Firenock Aero Concept system. for $85.00 1/2 doz...
  8. Some PhalanX, Custom BEE, Momentum X, BADASS X builds

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    Some builds we have done..
  9. Monster X Bolts

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    These are what I'm rolling into Winter Archery with, Monster X bolts.. Just not sure if I'm going with the Monster X CS Bolt or just the Monster X.. both hit like a brick and killer accurate.