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  1. New old guy from Texas!

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    Hello everyone. In my younger days I was quite a dedicated vertical bow shooter. As the years went by & my career evolved I only had time for rifle hunting. Now that I'm retired, an old bowhunting buddy, who also just retired, has been trying to get me fired up on bowhunting again. With the xbow...
  2. Sniper 370 Newbie

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    I wanted to try turkey hunting with a bow and decided a crossbow would be best for me. Found a great deal on the well reviewed CenterPoint Sniper 370 and jumped on it. This is all new for me but I have already learned a great deal from this excellent forum! Placed my first order with Jerry for...
  3. New member and new to crossbows

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    New to crossbows and this forum appears to be a great place to discuss and learn. My story in short: It had been 14 years since I had deer hunted up until this season. Glad I chose to picked hunting back up. I sold my vertical compound years ago. I want to start bow hunting again next...