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  1. Newbie question about nock types

    Crossbow Arrows
    I've been reading in another thread about lighted nocks. I was enlightened in one post that there are these types of nocks: flat, half-moon, capture, snap-on & omni. Are these universal to all xbows? My Ripper package came with half-moon nocks so that is what I specified when ordering arrows &...
  2. Help Replacing Nocks

    Recent Articles
    I recently purchased some blinking nocks for those late sunset afternoon hunts but I have tried as instructed to remove the factory nocks. The bolts are TenPoint EX-O carbon Bolts. YouTube says to use a metal shaft, push it through and tap with a hammer. Well one broken Nock later and bent metal...
  3. 6 Carbon Express Launch pads

    General Crossbow Discussion
    For sale 6 Carbon Express Launch Pads 5 work 1dead $40 PayPal
  4. Bluetooth trackable nocks

    Gear Reviews Now there's some interesting tech. I think they should design it to shed inside the animal to help find your kill rather than the arrow.
  5. Crossbow Arrows and Components

    General Crossbow Discussion
    There is a misconception that todays modern crossbows shoot bolts. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. A crossbow bolt is much shorter than a crossbow arrow. Most of the time a bolt will will be 5” in length or less. Crossbow bolts also weigh a good bit more than any arrow you would ever...