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  3. PSE Fang HD

  4. Vertical Bows
    new GAS threads electric blue and gunmetal with clear serve , Firenock Micro Rest , Broad Band Titanium, Firenock Titanium kit, copper John tst sight .
  5. General Crossbow Discussion
    So, here’s my rant….It will be a long one, but I want to make sure I include everything. I purchased a PSE Vector from a local archery shop that was clearing out their PSE equipment in October. Registered it online and used it for hunting season. Within 3 weeks, the “safety stickers” on the...
  6. General Crossbow Discussion
    We had a chance to talk with Bobby Vargas about the new PSE Thrive 400 crossbow at the 2018 ATA Show in Indianapolis, Indiana. The PSE Thrive 400 is built using reverse cam technology, which helps it achieve speeds up to 400 feet per second and 142 lb-ft of kinetic energy. Specs of on the...
  7. General Crossbow Discussion
    Just de moulded my first attempt at 3 color camo, Havent even trimmed them yet. tell me what you think.
  8. PSE Crossbows
    So I recently bought a PSE speed loader and successfully mounted and used it to cock a Barnett Jackal. It does not fit the butt perfectly, but it does work to load the crossbow. Now however, the loader is still mounted with hooks on the strings but the spool release *cannot* be pressed down to...
  9. General Crossbow Discussion
    Crossbows have been around forever. Well almost forever. It has been documented that the earliest known crossbow was from around 6000 B.C. One thing that has stayed consistent with most every crossbow built from that point up until now is that the bolt or arrow was held in place, and launched...
1-9 of 9 Results