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  1. DIY Crossbow Tuning and and Repair
    Hi guys, Got new GAS strings.ATA is just a hair under 9.5 uncocked and slightly over 5.75 cocked. Cam lean is absolutely perfect both side to side and front to back. Both cams have the cables over the timing dot near the front of the bow. I tried loosening the string a twist. What’s my...
  2. 20200627_163042.jpg

    Time: 4:30pm Temp: 28*C (83*F) Wind: W 20 km/h gusts to 32 km/h Humidity: 60% 6 shots with the Ravin 0.001" arrows Aiming for middle of white between double and triple rings.
  3. Ravin Crossbows
    Here is an R26 fully customized. GAS Strings, Limb Saver Broad bands, Titanium kit / hollow axcels , Aero Rest in YOTE camo..
  4. General Crossbow Discussion
    Have you guys been able to check out the 2019 lineup from Ravin yet? We were able to check them out at the ATA show in Louisville a few weeks back. Ended up ordering 10 of each to carry in our shop. We are excited to get them on the range and see what all the hype is about. Just holding them it...
1-4 of 4 Results