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  1. General Crossbow Discussion
    does any do trigger upgrades for this crossbow? i viewed a thread where burky247365 mentioned a triggertech upgrade? im getting tired of a crappy trigger and dont want to spend the dough on better crossbow
  2. General Crossbow Discussion
    I am about to pull the trigger on a new crossbow. This will be replacing a SA Sports Fever bow that was given to me, so it will be my first "real" crossbow. Primary use will be deer hunting (mostly from a tree stand) and target practice. I have a dozen 20" Zombie Slayer arrows. With the...
  3. TenPoint Crossbows
    newbie to crossbows but have built my own arrow for my compound for years. question. I have a 2019 RDX 400 and am shooting the tenpoint 20" bolt with their lighted nocks. I am having trouble grouping my 100g slick tricks. Am thinking about: Going to 125 grain ST's and re fletching with 2" b...
1-3 of 3 Results