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  1. Ravin Crossbows
    Hi everyone, Trying to get the best advice on what to use on my Ravin R10 crossbow strings. I heard and read so many different things. I asked Ravin if I should use their fluid on the strings (in addition to the center serving), or wax, or just nothing: Just got an answer: "You can use the...
  2. DIY Crossbow Tuning and and Repair
    Hi all! In search of a left and right Cam Wheels for my CenterPoint Sniper 370 and can't find replacements anywhere. Anyone here have any they would depart with? I have an email to Crosman (Maker of CP) and still waiting on that as well. Thanks!
  3. General Crossbow Discussion
    Hi all, I primarily use a Firecat Jaguar/Hori-zone Rage X 175lb hybrid system with drop pins to keep the string locked at each end. For those of you who are familiar with these, how would I go about replacing the string, if I were needing to? I've heard that there's no need for a bow press or...
1-3 of 3 Results