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    Calling all Scorpyd fans.. I need to sell the bow due to arm injury and to finance a new xbow with a crank. It comes with a new AB string and its long cocking sled. Asking $1000 since forum rules require a price but also open to trades for a xbow that i can use in NY that has a crank. I did...
  2. Market Place
    Accudraw pro. Vortex II speed ring illuminated red/green scope. Quiver and six zombie arrows .001. Scorpyd sling. $1,275
  3. Market Place
    Hey everybody, I’m selling my Scorpyd Nemesis. I bought it new last year, directly from Scorpyd with their packaged deal (crank, Spynal Tapps, case). I also bought a Hawke scope for it and quiver. I only shot it a few times last September before sending it back to Scorpyd for a new crank...
  4. Scorpyd Upgraded by Vital limits

    Scorpyd Ventilator with Aero Crank AD, Huskemaw Scope with tactical rings , rail / trigger guard , Ti Pistol grip, new LS string stops and a new crossbow case.
  5. Crossbow Arrows
    Looking for new arrows for my Grim Reaper. I'd like to get then with Firenocks. What do you recommend? Thanks
  6. General Crossbow Discussion
    Little by little we are making our way learning the High Speed Cam and we are liking it.. Firenock 175gn Traumahawk in high speed from 2,000+ to over 5,300 frames per second.. Arrow build is the BADASS-X with AV3 vanes..
  7. Scorpyd Crossbows
    Scorpyd TECH-1 Bow Max range 16 yrds Rotational spin captured at approx 5-7 yards. Firenock Aero Vane III ( See straight fletch vanes that can spin.) Momentum X build. Also Limb Saver Broad Band example.. Filmed at 1,500 frames per second
  8. Scorpyd Crossbows
    I have some pic rails for DS, TECH-1 and Aculues style bows. Shown on TECH-1 bow.
  9. Vendor Deals
    Ravin Model R9, 10, 15, 20, 26, 29. $120.00 TYD anywhere in the lower US 48 States. Scorpyd Model DS, Aculues, TECH 1, V-Tech, Nem $100 TYD Anywhere in the lower US 48 States. GAS String Lube $10 plus shipping unless bought with string than no shipping charges apply. Prices are subject to...
  10. Vendor Deals
    · Scorpyd 4th of July weekend Special bow special.. GAS String & Cable ( your color choice ) Choice of 1/2 Doz MONSTER or Momentum X Bolts 1 Pack of Firenock Swing Blades ( 3 broad Heads ) 75gn, 100gn or 125gn options. $225 TYD Anywhere in lower US 48 states. Offer ends Monday July 8, 2019...
  11. Scorpyd Crossbows
    TECH-1 in YOTE CAMO and custom grips..
  12. Scorpyd Crossbows
    TECH-1 in YOTE CAMO and custom grips..
  13. Scorpyd Crossbows
    Custom camo dip with fade on Death Stalker.
  14. Market Place
    This has been a GREAT crossbow, but I'm ready to move on to a new one. Selling this as a whole package. I bought it brand new from Wyvern Creations back in 2012 or 2013. Scorpyd Ventilator 150 - Just changed the strings and cables before this season (maybe shot 20 times) - Bow Jax...
  15. Scorpyd Crossbows
    What is the difference in the 2017 cams and the newer 2018 models? I recently damaged one of mine and had to replace both due to unavailability of originals. What should be expected; Cocking easier or harder? FPS increase or decrease? Anything else? Thanks in advance for your input.
  16. General Crossbow Discussion
    With hunting season in full swing, we thought it would be fun to look back at the fastest crossbows available in 2017. This doesn't mean these are the best crossbows or the most accurate crossbows – we are looking at manufacturer-advertised rated speed and nothing else. Scorpyd Aculeus 450...
  17. General Crossbow Discussion
    Pulled the trigger on a new r15 package from wyvern very nice gentlmen btw. Thanks to all on the forum who helped me. If i ever get to shot a scorpyd i hope its not for a
  18. General Crossbow Discussion
    Ive settled on 3 crosbows Excalibur micro suppressor, Barnett ghost 420, scorpyd aceleus 175lb. My question is which one is the overrall best for longevity, reliability, warranty, customer service, accurate chronograph speeds, accuracy. I would like to here all info that you have trying to make...
1-18 of 21 Results