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  1. New Member From Sussex County New Jersey!

    New Member Introductions
    Hello Fellow Crossbower's? is that a term? Hows everyone doing? My name is Adam I Go by FordFanatic86 online. I recently Bought a CenterPoint Sniper Elite 370 Whisper. Looking forward to seeing your mods and post about the sniper.Here are some pics even thow i know you know what they look like...
  2. Best Mods for Centerpoint Sniper 370?

    CenterPoint Crossbows
    Hey guys, Just picked up a Centerpoint Sniper 370 last week (Walmart for $200USD). For those of you who have one and have modified it, what have your favourite mods been? I'm looking to get a new stock on it, maybe a Magpul. Has anyone changed the foregrip? Or any other parts! Let me know what...
  3. Why does my center serving wear so quickly?

    CenterPoint Crossbows
    The first Sniper 370 I had, before shooting I waxed the strings and lubed the flight rail. I lube the flight rail every 12 shots. My center serving started to fray after about 80 shots. I sent it back to Crosman and they said it must have been a manufacturing defect, so they sent me a brand...
  4. Swirtched my Sniper 370 over to Coyote Tan

    CenterPoint Crossbows
    I made the decision to switch all the furniture on my Sniper from black to coyote tan and I'm diggin' it....
  5. Sniper Lite Broadheads

    Mission Crossbows
    I know I might be beating a dead deer with this one but I've always used fixed blade heads in my other crossbows. I just picked up a Sniper Lite last night and it seems like mechanicals are the way to go and I'm interested in trying them. Research shows that Swhackers might be a good choice...
  6. Mission MXB Sniper Lite Crossbow

    General Crossbow Discussion
    Here is the official press release from Mission Archery about the new Sniper Lite Crossbow which is the latest offering in the MXB Crossbow lineup. MISSION ARCHERY LAUNCHES INNOVATIVE MXB-SNIPER LITE CROSSBOW FOR $599 Sparta, Wisconsin (December 8, 2014) – The new MXB-Sniper LiteTM is an...