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  1. Just threw $100.00 in the trash

    Mission Crossbows
    I'm posting this to warn everyone that 60xStrings is not a good supplier for Sub1 strings and cables; I have bought strings from them in the past for my other archery equipment, and they have been pretty good. But recently I had them make me a string/cable set for my Sub1, and what I got was...
  2. Horton Hunter Elite Parts Bow

    Market Place
    Selling a Hunter Elite parts bow. Bow is 175 lb pull, has a new 40.00 string on it. Cables are perfect, cams are in perfect shape too. Sight top got cracked as well as the stock ears so trigger assembly, bow and limbs are good. Wont separate as its sold as 1 part, can disassemble for shipping...
  3. How much will it cost me to shoot?

    Excalibur Crossbows
    I recently bought an Excalibur Matrix GRZ2 that I now have about 75 shots into, but the center serving is starting to show some wear (may need to polish the trigger latch). I enjoy target shooting the bow and plan on shooting it at least 200 times a week. I maintain my xbow according to the...
  4. When or should the string be waxed?

    Horton Crossbows
    Again I'm new to the crossbow world. I recently purchased the Horton Legend Ultra Lite and cannot find anywhere that mentions when or if the strings should be waxed. I have searched other threads as well and could not find anything. So, I decided to ask here. I appreciate the comments and...
  5. 60X Crossbow String Review.....1,000 Shots

    General Crossbow Discussion
    60X Custom Strings is a well know manufacturer of custom bowstrings. Their record of producing top preforming bowstrings has been proven time and time again, not only by the accomplished career of its owner, Brad Patsy, but also by the countless victories produced by the 60X Custom Strings...
  6. Crossbow Strings; Factory or Custom?

    General Crossbow Discussion
    At some point during the life of your crossbow you will need to replace the string. It could be just as preventative measure every few years to prevent damage to your bow, or it could be because your string has broke and you need to replace it with a new one. At that point you will be faced at...