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tenpoint nitro xrt

  1. Anybody getting ready

    TenPoint Crossbows
    The Nitro XRT is ready for blood, can’t wait. I plan on having my Tenpoint Nitro XRT and the EVO-X Center Punch arrows , tipped wth the NAP SpitFire DoubleCross Broadheads tuned in for some turkey nuggets. The date is wrong on my cam pics, It's January pics. Come on Spring!
  2. Shot my Nitro XRT today

    TenPoint Crossbows
    I finally got a chance to shoot my Nitro XRT today. I thought that I would like it, but after the very first shot I thought .... are you kidding me.,it was so quiet I couldn’t believe it . I shot 10 yards just to see where it hit. Elevation was good but windsge was left about 3 inches. I made...
  3. Meet the NEW TenPoint NITRO XRT

    TenPoint Crossbows