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  1. TenPoint Crossbows
    The Nitro XRT is ready for blood, can’t wait. I plan on having my Tenpoint Nitro XRT and the EVO-X Center Punch arrows , tipped wth the NAP SpitFire DoubleCross Broadheads tuned in for some turkey nuggets. The date is wrong on my cam pics, It's January pics. Come on Spring!
  2. TenPoint Crossbows
    I finally got a chance to shoot my Nitro XRT today. I thought that I would like it, but after the very first shot I thought .... are you kidding me.,it was so quiet I couldn’t believe it . I shot 10 yards just to see where it hit. Elevation was good but windsge was left about 3 inches. I made...
1-3 of 3 Results