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    Brand new Vapor 470 question... I came from 20 years of compound shooting and tuning so maybe I'm being hypercritical here. But how important is the ATA measurement? Specs say it should be 12" but mine is at 12.5" with only 5 shots through it. Also where do you check the cam timing/sync at on...
  2. 20200809_143527.jpg

    Aug.8, 2020. Shooting and loading from a Bog DeathGrip tripod. Time: 2:30 pm Temp: 88 feels like 92 Wind: SSW 5mph gust to 9mph Humidity: 57% Dew Point: 71° F Pressure: 30.06 inHg Mostly cloudy #4 arrow very low, not sure why, maybe getting used to Tripod
  3. August 7, 2020 from 25 yards

    Time: 7:45pm EDT Sunny Temp: 78*F Wind: SSE 3, gust to 4mph Humidity:46% Barometric. Pressure: 30.13 inHg Have not shot in over a month. 3 shots to sight in then 6 in the picture.
1-3 of 3 Results