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  1. Crossbow Hunting Room
    Well, the Turkey season in NC is only 4 weeks long. A week from Saturday it ends. I have been going out religiously and hitting it for 7-9 hours a day for 13 days of the 19 days of the season so far. Today, after 1 hour and 12 minutes, the big Tom I have been after finally messed up. The...
  2. Crossbow Hunting Room
    Well, Turkey season starts here in NC two weeks from this coming Saturday. April 8th I still have a few cameras up and have a couple of REALLY big guys walking around. I am 6 weeks out from my shoulder surgery. I am progressing well, and next monday (27th) if the X-rays shows the titanium...
  3. Crossbow Hunting Room
    I've got the turkey bug already. I plan on hunting with my Tenpoint Nitro XRT...can't wait for it to start. DSD just came out with a new Jake Strutter decoy. I had their original Strutter, but this one is made a lot smaller in size and easier to setup. I own probably all of their decoys and in...
1-3 of 3 Results