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  1. Coyote shot at 10 yards with video

    Crossbow Hunting Room
    I was out deer hunting,in South Western Ontario last week and saw this Wiley ba*stard sneaking around. Not on my watch... Pull up my Excalibur micro raid 335 ,laced with a famous Vixen Master string and Zombie Slayer arrows cut to 16 and 1/2 in. And blessed with Luminocs. Didn't need to use my...
  2. Hiding the wire on vendetta 2 rangefinder

    General Crossbow Discussion
    Hello, I recently mounted at Leupold vendetta2 digital Rangefinder on my Excalibur micro 335. I'm looking for a good location to hide the wire and button, since it cannot cross the path of the cocking rope. Does anyone have any good ideas. Thanks