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vital limits
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    2 cable system, brackets (not shown, but included in price) ,GAS threads , R10 spec , standard Ravin nock spec . $279.95 TYD anywhere in the lower US48. Installation option available for additional cost ...
  2. Vendor Deals
    GAS string and 4 cables set. Ravin R26 spec , those who shoot factory Ravin nocks $130 TYD anywhere in the lower US48 . Will ship with 1-3 business days after paid in full . I need email, name shipping detail to send PayPal invoice
  3. Vendor Deals
    1/2 doz, TANK X builds, 20 inch... Orange Lit U nocks.
  4. Vendor Deals
    I try and maintain 5-10 business days on arrow builds, once in a while a job order gets mixed up in some papers. but for the most part I hit this. Sometimes I do have some pre made sticks done for an option for someone who has to have arrows "now"..
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    Some bows from today
  6. Vendor Deals
  7. Vendor Deals
    22 inch , BIG PIG X builds. A little info on the build since I run into a few comments here and there about my prices . these builds Utilize a Firenock shaft . they are spine located . they are build with AeroVanes . a Firenock nock ( unlit ) is standard on all my builds These builds also...
  8. Ravin Crossbows
    Ravin R26 #VitalLimits
  9. Vendor Deals
    Here is my current price list on MONSTER X Line Cross bow arrows. All the builds are built on a Firenock semi weaved shaft. 16 of 19 build options are build with Aero Concept System which some include "Stainless". All the build are spine located All the builds are built with Aero Vane II or III...
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  11. Vendor Deals
    MONSTER X builds 22 inch , AV2 vanes, 125 MONSTER Reverse taper insert
  12. The Grill
    kicked my butt. I got a few more and to mess with temp and time . I did have better results IMO cooking in the DOJOE but using a cast iron pan . Pan was just small
  13. The Grill
    I was rushing these with a storm coming in , was getting dark . They came out okay , was lucky enough to get a picture before they hit inhaled lol 😂.
  14. The Grill
    Just threw these on. Bacon wrapped chicken stuffed with cheeses. I’ll see how this works out
  15. Vendor Deals
    BEAST-X going to be heading to Africa for Eland
  16. The Grill
    Been trying ribs on the JR, and was having inconsistencies, tried them on BIG Red and didn’t do the tin foil thing and way better . Not where I want then yet, but better then most places I had ribs at.
  17. Vendor Deals
    KONG X , 20 inch , AV2 vanes , to get M nocks
  18. Vendor Deals
    Ravin R20 Vitalized, HULK-1.0 build with Lit nocks, Aero Rest, Bolt Loader, Thorn HPX , LS TI and 2 cable system
  19. Vendor Deals
    I now have 2 options of inserts for the MONSTER-X build. The first one was the 90gn Stainless insert, now there is a 125 MONSTER Brass insert option. The 125gn option will go for $179.95 a doz.. Based on a 100gn point weight a 20 inch arrow will come in at approx 496gn. I also have added some...
1-19 of 223 Results