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  1. Ravin Crossbows
    R15 about to head back home to KA, Ti kit, PhalanX 2.0 arrow builds , 2 cable system.
  2. General Crossbow Discussion
    New Build option on the more affordable end of my builds . Spine located Semi weaved shaft, Aero Vane 2 , Firenock end nock ( non lit ) C,U,Q ,J, F etc. , Squared nock end BRASS MONSTER 125gn angel "A" insert. squared and chamfer point end. Esimated Approx weight spec based on 22inch 483gn...
  3. Vendor Deals
    I have some camo replica deer skulls to blow out . $45 TYD anywhere in the lower US48 per skull. Requires mounting hardware of your choice . eye sockets can be drilled out or left in for taxidermist eye installation option . Molded in mounting tab in the back. Flat bottom for more secure wall...
  4. Crossbow Arrows
    Old pic and feedback from customer around when I first started doing to Momentum X build with125gn points out of a Ravin 15 crossbow. @70yrds..
  5. The Grill
    I have a Joe Kamado Jr on the way. I want to see how I like the grills before I got something bigger like the Classic III. Anyone have kamado ceramic grill? Apperiatce some feedback ..
  6. General Crossbow Discussion
    Question; Is 110LB of KE enough KE to killed a deer or elk at 20-30yrds with over a 400gn arrow Nothing technical about the question, Yes or No is good enough.. Thanks in advance..
  7. General Crossbow Discussion
    An arrow equipped with AVII or AV3 and Aero concept system can produce gryo spin.. See below diagrams with explanation and also how to locate the the node point. Also flex for torsion is mentioned..
  8. General Crossbow Discussion
    Ravin R29 got some new threads , Aero Rest and LS Ti broad bands . Just gotta do the BIG PIG X builds and she goes back home
  9. General Crossbow Discussion
    2 cable system, Aero Rest , Ti broad bands , just got to finish up the sticks tomorrow and check her over before she goes home
  10. General Crossbow Discussion
    Mine is a Red Stag.. I read that meat is very good.
  11. General Crossbow Discussion
    Huskemaw scope , MX arrow builds , GAS 2 cable thread set , Ti broad bands, aero rest , Mountain Tech rings lapped ,
  12. General Crossbow Discussion
    Been nipping at this on the weekends with my kid. I should be able to fit my optics and cross bow on here. Still a little left to do .,
  13. General Crossbow Discussion
    Flo yellow and gunmetal with clear serve string and all black Cable pulley system with BIG PIG X bolts , LS Ti .. all done
  14. The Grill
    I tried this for the first time off my Fold N Go.. I took down the reciep from How to do BBQ right..I'll list video in link.. I did everything, but I forgot to glaze them, but they still came out SLAMMING..
  15. General Crossbow Discussion
    Huskemaw scope , cable pulley system, Big Pig X builds, LS Ti, Aero rest
  16. General Crossbow Discussion
    1. Many of the arrows can have 2 dynamic bends and some even more than that,, this is difficult for Ram style tester to locate since imo the Ram is better suited for Alum arrows with 1 spine only.. Now imagine of the arrow had 3 or even 5.. 2. The Arrow " in flight " is a moot point.. It is...
  17. The Grill
    Fun video for me.. Too many " arrow tech " videos this.. Need something to break the ice.. :ROFLMAO: Tomorrow I may be doing a video on butter meats..
  18. General Crossbow Discussion
    Some Jersey deer in the field this evening. And I know what some of you are thinking, no this isn't "high fence" šŸ˜‚šŸ¤£ This was in the 300yard+ area late afternoon.
  19. Crossbow Broadheads
    I just got some Thorn HPX heads in.. I started carrying these this past season after getting a lot of feed back from shooters who shot my builds and used these heads. Feed back on heads with vanes are they will fly very well with Aero Vane 2's at extended distances 60yrds+ and the Av3 vanes they...