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  1. General Crossbow Discussion
    Video of Customer hunt I posted pics of prior.. There are 2 bucks taken in this video..
  2. General Crossbow Discussion
    I got some threads in this week that covers about all the Ravin models.. Till I'll double check them these will likley be in U nock spec center serve. Those who want 2 cable system and prefer Ravin nocks I can spec out the threads for that also..
  3. General Crossbow Discussion
    MX-20 is a spine located, Aero Concept System build, AV2 vanes, ( Choice off Firenock end nock ( non lit) per bow spec ) , 20 inch ctc. GAS String and CBS for Ravin R10 and R26 models, U nock spec.
  4. Vendor Deals
    $120 TYD Anywhere in the lower US48 States.
  5. Vendor Deals
    This is an odd batch of 11 arrows , 20 inch BE , spine located , AV2 vanes , stainless aero concept builds , will come in at approximately 304gn with a nock ( no point ) This are the available right now for $175 TYD anywhere in the lower US48 states . We can add lit functions for $21 extra...
  6. Vendor Deals
    1do inch Momentum X builds , AV2 , Spine locates, Aero Concept System. $179.95 plus $15 for shipping anywhere in the lower US48 48 states . Will include Red Firenock end ( non lit ) of your choice . contact info is on website
  7. Ravin Crossbows
    Ravin R9 cable CBS with GAS red/black spec & silver threads with clear serve . Also Ti Broadbands LS
  8. Crossbow Arrows
    Aero Concept 1.0 BADASSX builds with AV2 vanes OD green and orange
  9. Ravin Crossbows
    Titanium kit, titanium axles , titanium LS broadbands, Aero Rest , GAS threads with CBS
  10. Crossbow Arrows
    2.0 concept system build , AV3 vanes , clear U nocks
  11. Crossbow Arrows
    Factory Zombie Slayer upgrades with AV2 babes and spine located
  12. Crossbow Arrows
    MONSTER X builds . 20 inch , AV2 mint and white , all to be lit with C nocks
  13. Scorpyd Crossbows
    Scorpyd Aculues 110 with GAS Flo orange & black threads with clear serve
  14. Ravin Crossbows
    Some feedback on bow and arrow build. R10.. PhalanX 1.0 AV3 vanes, U nock. 461gn, 22 inch , Aero Rest Micro. 382fps launch 328fps at 100yrds
  15. Ravin Crossbows
    Ravin R15 / PhalanX 2.0 builds with Swing Blades
  16. General Crossbow Discussion
    Awesome Velvet Buck!
  17. General Crossbow Discussion
    This is a a few video clips I did between 4,200-6,000 frames per second on the Aero Micro Rest. 1. The idea that the rest did not dampen, is false. At 6,000 frames per second you can see it doing exactly that. 2. The " whiplash " theory. This was something I was concerned about, but the fact...
  18. Crossbow Arrows
    New build coming for those that need something on the heavy side. The MONSTER CX is running approx a 12gpi shaft and we ran more concept tube heavy wall up front with the new MONSTER Double Shoulder SS insert putting 150+gn up front with no point... We can go to 26inch with this build that will...
  19. Crossbow Arrows
    BADASSX 20 inch AV2 for R26 Shooter