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  1. Horton Crossbows
    Again I'm new to the crossbow world. I recently purchased the Horton Legend Ultra Lite and cannot find anywhere that mentions when or if the strings should be waxed. I have searched other threads as well and could not find anything. So, I decided to ask here. I appreciate the comments and...
  2. Horton Crossbows
    Newbie here. My new Horton Legend arrived yesterday. As I was going to assembly it this morning the directions calls for a small amount of wax such as "Horton's String Wax and Conditioner" to be placed on the bottom of the cable saver before sliding into the barrel's cable slot. This xbow...
  3. General Crossbow Discussion
    There is a common misconception that crossbows require a lot of maintenance to keep them performing well. The truth is that they really don’t require anymore maintenance than a vertical bow or a gun would. Even if you follow every maintenance procedure every time you shot your bow, it would...
1-3 of 3 Results