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20 MOA Cantilever Mount??

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Have to mount my new 2.5-8X 30mm BDX Sig Sauer Scope more forward to get the eye relief right on my Scorpyd Nemesis. The scope rail on the crossbow isn’t quite long enough so I’m considering using the lower 1.125” high 30mm Night Force Cantilever Mount and it has a built in 20 MOA taper. 1.) Does anyone see any issue with using the 20 MOA Mount as N Force doesn’t come in a mount with a no MOA scope ring set up? 2.) Is anyone aware of any other lower cantilever mount brands/styles that are 1 1/8”-1 1/4” max high. Everything seems to be 1 1/2” or higher in the multiple cantilever mounts I’ve looked at which doesn’t give me a tight enough cheek weld on the Nemesis stock?
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I have that same mount you’re referring to as I needed a 1 1/8” scope height and was able to get it at a bargain for only $200. o_O

This mount for my XBR cost more that some guys pay for their scope!

Armalite makes one without the 20 MOA for $90.

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Yankee Hill Machine … usually has picatinny adapters. A little pricey, but they make high quality stuff.
An XBR on a silver Vent! Now that's a classic
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I like Burris mounts. They are my go to. I never used but know they have a cantlever mount.
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