The Parker Hurricane is the flagship bow of the line for 2016. It shoots 380 feet per second, has a new riser design and split limbs. This crossbow comes with string suppressors too. Both the fore grip and the butt stock of the Parker Hurricane are adjustable. The hurricane gets its extra FPS due to the reverse cam design which puts the string in front of the cams. As a result gaining two inches of power stroke. The Hurricane comes with the G2 trigger which is an ambidextrous trigger featuring an anti drifty mechanism and out engaging safety. The help with noise, the Hurricane comes with limb dampeners installed at the factory. Also included in the package is a crossbow scope, 4 arrows with practice points, arrow quiver, and a sling. The Hurricane starts out at $899.00 and does have package options that will raise the price a little. It is made made in America and has a lifetime warranty.



The Ambusher Crossbow from Parker Bows is new also new for 2016. Parker claims that this is the lightest, most compact crossbow on the market. It weighs in at 6.5 pounds and shoots arrows at 315 feet per second. The Ambusher comes with split limbs and string suppressors. Just like the higher end Hurricane crossbow the Ambusher also comes with Parkers G2 trigger. The Ambusher starts out at $499.95 and also includes a crossbow scope, quiver, and 4 arrows with practice points. For those women wanting to get started in crossbow hunting, this crossbow also comes in a pink Muddy Girl camouflage pattern. Because the Ambusher is so compact and light, it makes for a great women's crossbow. The Ambusher also is made in America and has a lifetime warranty.

The Challenger II is also new from Parker Bows for 2016 and is modeled off of the original Challenger Crossbow which was Parkers best selling youth hunting crossbow. This crossbow is all black this year. One of the cool features about the Challenger II crossbow is its adjustable draw weight. The bow is adjustable from 125 to 150 pounds making it easier for a youth hunter to cock if needed. At the 150 pound draw weight, the Parker Challenger II shoots right at 300 feet per second. At the 125 pound draw weight the bow shoots 275 feet per second. Just like all Parker Crossbows, the Challenger comes with the proven G2 trigger. The crossbow is sold in a package which includes a crossbow scope, 4 arrows, and a quiver. The starting price on the Challenger II is $369.95 making it a great value to get started in crossbow hunting.

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