Scorpyd crossbows has two new accessories to add to their complete line of reverse draw crossbows for 2016. Already the maker of the worlds faster crossbow, the Ventilator Extreme, Scorpyd has now developed a new spring loaded string suppressor to help tame some of the noise and vibration that is caused by a crossbow string slapping the rubber stops on the end of most string suppressors. Each suppressor independently moves forward and backward and absorbs the energy from the string when it oscillates back and forth after the crossbow is shot. Scorpyd also preloads then string suppressors so that there is actually a little back pressure on your crossbow string when the bow is at rest. This also aids in a quicker reduction of vibration. The new spring loaded string suppressors will fit any of the previous models of Scorpyd Crossbows however you will also need to change out the foot stirrup to the new design which accommodates the new suppressors. Scorpyd says they should retail for $79.99 and the make a big difference especially when mounted to their high end, super fast crossbows.

Another new product from Scorpyd Crossbows is the new Grip Quiver. This is a universal quiver that can be mounted to both crossbows and vertical bows. It's main feature is a spring loaded clamp with not only clamps onto the mounting bracket that you attach to your crossbow, but also has the strength to bite down onto just about anything else you can fit the jaws around including tree branches and treestand rails. It is super fast and super easy to remove and reattach to your crossbow. The Grip Quiver is also adjustable for left or right handed crossbow hunters. You can also move the quiver hood and arrow grippers to various locations to help balance out your bow. The hood has a unique staggered design which helps accommodate even the largest of broadheads to the point you could spin your arrows and not worry about blades bumping into each other. The quiver is built to last and has all premium components including titanium fasteners, stainless steel spring and, 6061 T6 aluminum frame.

For more information on the Scorpyd Spring Loaded String Suppressors or the The Grip Quiver, visit the Scorpyd website at: