60X Custom Strings is a well know manufacturer of custom bowstrings. Their record of producing top preforming bowstrings has been proven time and time again, not only by the accomplished career of its owner, Brad Patsy, but also by the countless victories produced by the 60X Custom Strings prostaff. The credentials of 60X however, I knew nothing about until I was contacted by Brad over a year ago inquiring about possibly running an ad on the Crossbow Nation website to promote their line of crossbow strings. So I sent him my media kit and then immediately went to the 60X Custom Strings website to see what this company was all about. Like I mentioned earlier, it didn't take me long to see that from a vertical bow side of things, they were producing a top notch product at very good prices. But what did they know about crossbows, and how well would a 60X crossbow string hold up? Building a good string for a vertical bow is one thing, but a crossbow is a totally different animal. Higher draw weights, a rail that rubs the string the entire length of the power stroke, rope cocking hooks that get pinched between the rail of the crossbow and the string which are notorious for separating the center serving, these were all concerns I had when it came to 60X building a custom crossbow string. So the only way to find out was to have them send me one and shoot it myself to test out.

The question now was what crossbow did I want to use to do the test? I wanted to choose a crossbow that had a high draw weight so the string would really have to be tested. I also wanted to choose a crossbow that had a long power stroke, reason being, the center serving would have to ride the rail longer which would promote more wear. I also wanted a narrow axle to axle measurement on this crossbow so that the angle of the string in relation to the rail of the crossbow would be more acute, which would put more demand on the center serving in relation to it separating, especially as a result of the rope cocking hooks getting pinched between the steep angle of the string and the rail of the crossbow. So my choice for this test............The Mission MXB 400 crossbow from Mission Archery. This particular crossbow is also known to have a little more down pressure on the rail from the string as compared to other crossbows. All of these features combined meant pure torture for a crossbow string.

So now that I knew what crossbow I would be using my new custom 60X custom string on, it was time to truly give it a custom feel. One of the best parts about going with a custom string for your crossbow is the ability to choose colors. With countless colors and color combinations, the possibilities are endless to how you want your string to look. I didn't want to go too crazy with mine, but I wanted it to stand out enough so that people could easily tell that it was indeed a custom string. So keeping with the Mission Archery color scheme, I went with a simple black and orange string.

Soon after placing my order the string showed up in an envelope in my mailbox. On my first inspection of the string, it looked great. The bright orange was a nice contrast to the black, the servings appeared to be nice and tight, and I really like the way it looked. But at this point, a custom string should look great........it was brand new. Now, it was time to come up with a test to see just how durable this string was. I didn't just want to shoot it a couple of times and report back how much I liked it. I didn't think that would be a fair assessment of the string and defiantly not to the users of the Crossbow Nation site. So what would be a good test I thought? 100 shots? Maybe, but 500 would be better, right? And if 500 were better, 1,000 would be truly amazing. So I decided to go with a 1,000 shot test. I felt if a 60X Custom Crossbow String could hold up to 1,000 shots on a crossbow that is known to be hard on strings for all of the reasons discussed earlier, then this would truly be an awesome string. So off I went to shoot my crossbow with my new custom string.

Because the weather was still bad, I decided to do the test inside in my basement. I would shoot 6 arrows at a time, at a distance of about 15 feet. I wasn't worried about aiming or where my arrows would hit, but more so on getting as many shots as possible on this new string, and seeing if it would hold up well enough to even reach the 1,000 shot quota. To make things official, and to prove that I actually did shoot the 1,000 shots, I also decided to video tape every shot so that I could have the video as evidence that I truly tried to torture my 60X custom string. So into the basement I went. Before shooting my first shot, I did use rail lube on the rail of the crossbow. I shot 6 arrows at a time and repeated this process for 5 rounds, totaling 30 shot arrows before once again adding more rail lube. Each day I shot, I would shoot between 100 to 200 shots depending on how my back felt as I was shooting. People say they shoot a lot, but to shoot that many arrows as fast as you can in a row, while cocking a heavy draw crossbow, it really takes a toll on your back. So with some rest days in-between, the test took me almost 2 weeks to finish. Now, because of the down pressure that the Mission MXB 400 has on the rail and the length of the power stroke of the crossbow, I did start to see a little serving burn start to happen after a couple of hundred shots. So from time to time when the center serving started to look a little frizzy, I did add a little bit of Daltons high speed bow wax conditioner to keep the serving from burning out from the rail.

After 1,000 shots had been fired, I have to say I was truly impressed with my 60X Custom Crossbow String. As far as wear of the string, I could see none. The actual string fibers did not get fuzzy on me and they still look brand new. The end servings are still as tight as they were the day I installed them and have zero separation. The center serving is still in tact, has zero separation which is really impressive because of the nature of the rope cocking aid wanting to push the serving apart, and could probably be shot hundreds of more times. However, the center serving did start to show some pretty good signs of rail burn which is not uncommon at all with this many shots on a crossbow as aggressive as the MXB 400. To be on the safe side, I will have this string reserved before hunting with this crossbow. But all in all, I can't believe how well the 60X string held up to the amount of abuse I put it through. I can honestly say that this crossbow string is one of the best I have ever tested to date and I would highly recommend 60X Custom Strings to anyone.

The point of this test was to truly torture this custom crossbow string form 60X strings. Let's face it, most crossbow hunters will never shoot there crossbow 1,000 times in the life of the crossbow let alone in a 2 week period. But for those of you who do enjoy shooting your crossbow more often, or find you need a replacement string or cables after your factory set has worn out or failed you, I would strongly suggest giving Brad and the crew over at 60X Custom strings a shot at building you a set of custom strings for your crossbow. It will be an investment well worth your hard earned cash.

For more information on 60X Custom Strings, visit their website at: Bow Strings & Cables | Shop Archery Gear | 60X Custom Strings

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