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I could be the gopher and just watch. I'd probably get booted out for asking too many questions 馃槬
One thing I've learned in what I would like to consider a friendship with Tim is, no question is too dumb, nor is there anything closed to discussion. Some of my hair brained ideas were explained, as to why they would be no go, and others run with to varying conclusions. As evidenced by his willingness to "put it all out there" in an open forum, Tim is one of the greatest assets of being a member of this forum. If you haven't learned anything from him, you just aren't trying. It is somewhat of a shame his "real job" gets in the way of our fun.

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Awesome looking bow right there. Looks undestructable!

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Thanks Guys , I think it will kill a deer this year , at least I will try ,LOL.
Still need to take it for a test drive when I get some time !!
My bot broke his arm and dislocated his wrist on a sno mo last sat , so I am going to take him to the bone doc on WED .
Probably need surgery broke both bones in his lower arm half way to his elbow and they are miss aligned .
tomorrow I have to take lizzy in to the vet and get fixed , so road trips the next few days then back on the other customs , then mine ,lol.
21 - 40 of 79 Posts