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Horton Recon, or reCon as they write it.

Went thru a trial by fire to pick it up of the major carriers! What a pain.

The bow is almost ready for shooting when you open up the heavy duty box. The packaging is sparce and frills...but effective.

The foot claw and scope are all thats not assembled as in the box. Well...the quiver isn't either's still in the box!
The foot claw is installed with four flat head fasteners.
The "scope" (not a sight in this case), is their "Multi-range", 4 x 32.
While not a bad's too low for my sighting comfort. I tried a coupla different sights I have on it. Right now an ATI digital is sighted in on the rail. I may try some longer scope rings later on.

The bow itself is as has been noted...somewhat heavy at 9+ pounds and is very noticable.
Though in my case...I don't have to go far to shoot it!! On the other hand, if laid across the back by sling..I'd guess you'd be pretty wimpy if it annoyed you much on a hike.
In the ready to shoot position, it's very comfortable and the weight isn't nearly as noticable. The center of mass is just in front of the trigger, so holding on target is very easy.

It's definatly made for close in shooting! From just outside the door, the distance is a hair over 19 yards.
When its time to shoot or to put it up for the day, the narrow limbs make the hallway walk, like a walk in the park..! Don't have to watch the limbs and the wall contact!
I shoot thru the back door...across the living room (just past the TV!)...down to the end of hallway to a foam target.

The trigger pull is pretty nice as far as other crossbows I've shot. A tad on the heavy side...but no major creap, fairly smooth, and a bit of trail pull. I'd like to lighten the pull weight up a tad... Gonna try a wider trigger shoe, see if that helps.

As noted earlier, the OEM scope is a bit low for my liking. I did do some shooting with it though. It took just a tiny bit of adjusting to get it on target. I tried three different sights on it. As noted...the ATN Digital is on it now. I like the choice of three reticals and two brightness intensities. The one I normally have up is the "three line"...lineup...two horizontal, split in the center and one vertical, below center...nothing above center, like a "T".
This sight is just enough higher to be good.

The bow comes with 17" graphite arrows, with Blazer type vanes. The manual is a little confusing as to its intension though.
On one hand, you get the 17"ers. And the manual "says to use only"... 17"ers. But later says it's ok to use up to 20" arrows! says to only use "recommended" arrows...back to the 17" versions...or what IS recommended ?!
Anyway, I've shot both! While I actually don't have any 20" arrows, I do have them between 20.13" and 20.38" long. I didn't think 3/8ths of an inch would hurt.
Some of the arrows I shot were aluminum...some were carbon fiber. Some C.F. appeared to be of a different weave also. Some Blazer some 4" vanes. All had practice tips. Some the "dreaded" moon knocks, some flat. Flat is in the box.

It was very obvious that this is a very nice crossbow. Each type of arrow had its own point of impact...which was different than the other arrows. But each group...RIGHT on target. Just for the hell of it, I shot a few groups of three arrows at the same target. While I didn't get any Robin Hoods, I did ruin two arrows. The point of impact for each "group" of different VERY close. I caved in two alum. arrows from the tips of others.

Interesting thing about the arrow track. The center of it is relieved. That is, the arrow only rests on two points on the track. One in the trigger box area, and the last .75" or so at the front end of the track.

Overall, this thing is fun to shoot. The felt recoil is actually somewhat like a that it recoils to the rear...lightly, but it's there. The noise is somewhat louder than I'd guess after reading some of the other posts...but in no way as loud as most other bows. I don't have a Desert Stryker, so I can't compare. It's also a different sound that other bows.
There is a large silicone, I'm guessing, "plug" in the center (side to side) of the arrow track. I'd guess to lower the decibel/vibration values.

The forearm is three pieces of plastic. The jurys still out on that one! Kinda cheap...but it is effective. They can be removed and placed in a different position for your comfort. There is also a vertical/folding grip. It is removable. I tried it a few's now in the box. Funny thing...there is the sound/vibration deadening silicone (?) in the track....but under the forearm...there is a nice big cavity that I'd guess might also help with the sound and vibration if filled with the same/simillar material???

My only negitive comment is the cocking shuttle.
Let me say first...that I've talked to and will be talking to again, the Horton people about this...and they are very interested and apparently receptive to other ideas. They have apparently had other complaints!
Let me just say...if you have a Recon, take a fine file and remove ALL of the sharp edges where it will come into contact with the track. I also used small pieces of felt to protect the top of the track.
From what I was told they are currently working other ideas on this problem.

Oh more thing. The package is supposed to come with three sets of grips. If you have an earlier bow (like mine), you might not have received the other grip pieces.
Just call Horton, they will send them muss, no fuss.

Well...that's my take on the reCon.

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