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Amped 415 visible cam lean when cocked

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I am finally able to get out today and shoot my new Amped 415. I have noticed that when cocked you can visibly see the cams being out of line with the string. Has anyone else saw this? The left side is worse than the right side. I am figuring I will need to take to someone and get it tuned.

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Safe way is to take to a shop and have them tune it.$40.00 here where I live.
Hi RS. I have, yes. As I read the forums it seems that this not uncommon. There is a thread in the Barnett section where folks discuss solutions for this on a TS370.

If your cams are tilted "inward" which would exaggerate the string alignment you're seeing, they need to be adjusted (cable yoke twisting) and a xbow press will be needed to do this.

Check to see if your Amped's cams are: 1. flat and 2. on the same plane as the rail. Put your bow in a gun vise or level it somehow. Use a straight edge like a yard stick and lay it across the flight rail out past your cams and look at them from the trigger box. You can see if the rail is higher and see if the cams look flat or angled one way or the other. My guess is they are flat, possibly a bit negative and the rail is slightly higher.

I put Marty's cables and string on a Patriot a week or so ago and I canted the cams slightly upward to reduce down pressure where the string and rail make contact.

Xbow Fine Tuning.... ;)
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