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Last fall I bought a .450 Bushmaster upper for my Colt AR15 and my grandson deer used it when I took him deer hunting last fall. In looking for a dedicated scope for it, I stumbled across the 1-4x24mm with a 4A illuminated dot reticle on eBay.

The dang scope is impressive as well, clear image all the way to the outer edges with lockable target type turrets. It looks like it came down the same assy line as the Parker Pin Point but with different turrets.

Elevation (and windage) range is 100 MOA and 1 revolution is 36 MOA. If you could sight it in at 30 yards and get one elevation revolution, you could make a turret label for out to about 60 yards. I love 4A reticles.

It’s cheaper straight from CCOP.

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