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Anybody Seeing This?

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Seems VERY EARLY to me as a couple years ago I still seen hard bone the first of April. Antler laying under feeder...

White Floor Soil Cement Concrete

Here's a buck with one dropped antler...

White Floor Soil Cement Concrete
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Three seasons ago I had a buck I was after finally walk up on me in daylight hours and he had two bare pedicles as he had recently dropped his antlers, it was the last week of December. I think he had been previously wounded and the stress made him drop early.
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Two things that I have heard will cause this, 1. Stress, 2. Malnutrition. Both of these are natural results of the rut. I wouldn't make too much of it.
Always seemed to be the young bucks that dropped early up here, but there's probably more to it than that.
Very interesting! Thanks for sharing!
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