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I just added the ABL1000 to my ATN 4K Pro setup. My goal is to have an auto ranging option on this ATN Day/Night scope that also records which is the "Holy Grail" of features I care to have in a xbow scope.




This "add-on" device is a laser ranging system that transfers rage detail to the 4K Pro scope via a Bluetooth connection so the scope's brain can adjust the hold over.

The installation and setup is not complicated. I followed the ATN video in the link below and read the info. that ATN provides with the ABL.

ATN ABL Installation And Zero

This is a rifle scope so you have to build a profile that works for a crossbow. The ballistics below have been used by others and are working for me:

  • "G1" Drag Function
  • "0.08" Ballistic Coefficient
  • Enter you arrow weight (Bullet Weight) in gn (480 gn for me)
  • Enter your arrow speed (Muzzle Velocity) in FPS (420 for me)
  • Enter your Zero Range in yards (20 yards)
  • Scope Height inches, which is a measurement from the rail to the center of the objective lens (2.5" for me)
I checked the range of the ABL against my SIG2200 and they matched at distances from 19 yards to 42 yards.

Range changes requires one button to be pressed and it takes a second to adjust.

The zeroing process is the same as it was without the ABL so it was a pretty painless process.

The two shots below are from 42 yards (top) and 28 yards (bottom). I'll look for some milder weather to get back out and shoot it at longer distances.


These two guys have been coming by one of my stands about once a week which would (crossing my fingers) give me a 20-40 yard shot. If this ABL setup continues to go well I'll be ready for them come deer season.

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