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Hi : I found a ballistics calculator online and used it to figure how much my arrows travelling about 333fps will drop at different yardages.. the problem is it seems useless to me if the 0 drop point is at the bow (yardage : 0)... then it is like 2 inches at ten yards ... and so on... I want to know if I sight in perfectly for 10 or 15 or 20 what will it be at the other yardages... I want to choose a sight in distance that will give me the most useable trajectory a little high at really close distance is fine by me.. I will know how much of course.. but it seems counter productive to have to use the zero drop as zero distance...
I tried putting in a 0 for drop in inches at 10 and 20 but it just changes them back..
I do not think I could extrapolate the right numbers from that set of information...
any help would be appreciated.... I am trying to get it all together waiting for my terminator to come in and it is driving me a little more nuts than usual.....
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