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Barnett Ghost 410 String Serving Update

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Here is a a picture of the BCY .030 serving I put over top of the original manufactures serving. From the outside of the hook to the outside of the hook, I added another layer which made it a bit too tight for the hooks to fit properly until the crossbow had been cocked and shot a few times for the serving in the hook area to take shape. The enclosed picture does not show that extra layer.
This time during the shooting test, I did not flip the string and completed 224 shots with the last four showing failure only on the top layer. Flipping the bow string, say around the 150 mark, I would have gained quite a bit more.
I just finished reserving the top section, but stayed just inside the hook to hook area. I applied my old faithful Gorilla Glue at the ends of the serving. Now when the hooks go on they will be just on the outside of this top layer and fit properly.

Over all, I am very happy with the shim modification that I installed between the top rail-stock area and the riser. This, along with the high quality BCY .030 serving has greatly extended shooting before having to reserve the bow string in the latch area only.
For those that decide to do this modification and use a rope cocker, and periodically flip the bow string, a lot more shots should be accomplished before reserving.
I am still shooting 8 arrows before removing them from the target and lube the bottom of the serving where it makes any contact on the rail when cocking the crossbow with the Barnett Crank Cocking Device prior to taking the 8 shots.

All the best.
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Great info and great post.
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