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Barnett raptor pro str vs Barnett whitetail pro str

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Can anyone tell me the difference between the two crossbows? I cannot find anything that is different other than the names. I also asked Barnett but they did not get back to me. Also would either of these be a good one to start with? Thanks for you help.
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I've been researching that xbow as well and I think the only difference is the camo print?
These are the same Xbows but with different Camo pattern. I had a RaptorPRO STR and loved it. I beat the crap out of it on western hunts though sage, desert sand and that Xbow held up and was very accurate.

It's a good one start with and one to keep a long time. Once properly tuned, this Xbow will shoot 400grain arrows 380fps.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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